by Sparky.

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This ep is a collection of songs written and performed by Liam Bass, Nikolas Adamson, & Michael-River Rose.
For maximized results, listen to these in the order in which they are presented. Enjoy.


released July 25, 2013

Thanks to Tina Bass for some financial help and a practice space.
Thanks to Dustin Ryan at the Formulation Room in Sacramento, CA for recording and mixing.
Thanks to Vaginathan Yeoh for some songwriting.
Thanks to the Adamson family and Vernon for hosting us.
Thanks to Kyle.



all rights reserved


Sparky. California

We are Sparky from Fair Oaks, CA. We hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy making it.

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Track Name: Valentin (Pts. 1 & 2)
Entire oceans collected in the clouds.
If they try to tame me i will let them all drown.
But don't blame me, hey ahh, hey ahh.
We are suffocating, hey ahh, hey ahh...
Track Name: Tiger
Orange stripes streak across the absence of light.
They emulate my nightmares and then they slip out of my sight.
So I listen to these sounds that surround me while I'm holding on to all of these familiar boundaries.

I am not your tiger.
I won't be your fire.
I won't burn your night.

That face displays that vicious countenance I hate.
I shudder as he snarls but i won't be afraid.
Then I turn away and tuck my head beneath my hands as I listen to these sounds tonight.

A tiger hides behind his gaping jaws, his vacant eyes, an orange disguise.
Track Name: Navy Blue
She looked at me.
Slowly Blurring.
Underneath me.

Well I hope you know that for everything i'm not, I would stay right here and rot if you asked me.

So if you go I know you will burn out bright.
Or will you burn right through my night?
Will you stay here with me?

Well I hope you know that for everything i'm not, I would stay right here and rot if you asked me.
But of course I know you won't.
I know you would never ask that and I will always love you for it.
Track Name: December
I'm sick of filtering my words devoid of meaning.
Will you take me as I am?
My throat is not yours to dam up.

No I don't make songs for you.
No I don't make songs for you to go and tear apart.

I'm sick of wasting my time, maybe winter is coming.

December is coming now and I can feel the weather changing.
I can feel my temper raging.
Track Name: Sunspots
It always seems like time fades when I'm lonely.
You are nothing but an empty house with sealed windows and no place for you to let your smoke out.

Well what if you'd stayed?
Could I have helped you, could you have helped me?
And now that I am gray will you let me see your face?

I can't see when you are breathing in the same air as me.
So i guess you are moving on.
You say you want to share this town but you have contaminated it with your breath and sullied every place that I've slept.

And I will take my time.
I'm waiting and I'm wanting.
But if I could ask you one thing:
How can you not know why you don't want me?

Well if you find out will you hold out?
Or will you let me see you clearly.